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Petra Joy


Petra Joy is one of the world’s leading erotic film directors and a well known sex-positive feminist activist. Her passion for visual arts started early - she got her first camera when she was six. After obtaining an MA in film studies, she worked for over two decades as a director and producer in television creating documentaries about sexuality. In 2004 she launched her own erotic film label and has since produced seven erotic full-length features. Her alternative, feminist porn films caused a stir in the media, have been screened at many international film festivals and won multiple awards.

Petra is also a published author – Her book How to Make Your Own Adult Video was published by Harper Collins in four countries and her autobiographical book Female Fantasies – My Revolution of Lust charted the challenges she faced as an independent filmmaker in the porn industry. Petra is also a curator of feminist porn and published six parts of the successful DVD series “Her Porn”. In 2009 the Petra Joy Awards were born to encourage and reward new female erotic filmmakers. Many recipients of Petra’s awards are now well established erotica directors. In 2016 Petra launched Cinema Joy, bringing her own films and her favourite films by fellow directors for her world-wide audience.

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