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  • Breathtaking

    A beautiful, intense weekend with two friends captured on film.
    Watch as Morgana experiences her first breath play at the hands of the experienced conscious kink practitioner Caritia.

    Breathtaking documents Morgana´s first on screen exploration with a woman, as well as her first experience with breath play.
    A film featuring breath play porn elements combined with sensual and soft touch. A beautiful, intense weekend between two friends.

    The short film features Caritia, a practitioner of conscious kink who expertly guides the play. Transitioning from softly spoken domination to intensely erotic, powerful control. She is a wildly erotic, London born, Berlin based artist/creative of Afro-Caribbean descent with over 18 years of experience within BDSM.

    The film also features feminist heart throb of the year Morgana Muses in one of her most intense roles to date. Watch as she grapples with a fear of drowning and a desire to push herself to extremes.

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